The best way to experience the excitement of the PAMS era is simply to hear it. To listen to a mix of memorable jingles from many different stations arranged in a nonstop, back-to-back style, please select one of the samplers.

To hear jingles from many of our packages individually, please make a selection from the cut-by-cut section. This is the best way to find your favorites and decide which ones you'd like us to sing for you.

Cut by cut
Play PAMS 50s Sampler

Living Radio (Series 15)
Sonosational (Series 18)
Sono Magic (Series 22)
His & Her Radio (Series 24)
The Happy Difference (Series 25)
All American (Series 26)
Jet Set (Series 27)
Happiness Is (Series 28)
Go Go (Series 29)
The In Set (Series 30)
Music Explosion (Series 31)
Swiszle (Series 32)
Fun Vibrations (Series 33)
Music Power (Series 34)
Music Pow Pow Power (Series 34C)
Power Play (Series 37)
The Sherwood Series (Series 39)
The Changes (Series 40)
Music Radio (Series 41)
The Igniters (Series 42A)
The Textures (Series 43)
The Music's On Us (Series 44A)
The Modulators (Series 49)

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Play PAMS 70s Sampler
Play "Voices of PAMS"

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