PAMS was founded in 1951 as a commercial music production house and advertising agency. From the very beginning the company focused on producing and syndicating station identification jingle packages for radio stations.

By the 1960s PAMS had become the world's most creative and dominant supplier of radio jingles. Almost every legendary station during the golden era of top-40 radio used PAMS jingles. The client list was incredible, and included WABC, KFWB, WLS, WXYZ, KLIF and the BBC to name just a few.

In the late '70s PAMS experienced financial problems, which ultimately forced the company to suspend operations. But the corporation was never dissolved or in bankruptcy. So in 1990 the stock of PAMS was purchased by Jonathan Wolfert, President of JAM Creative Productions. He, along with several other key people now at JAM, once worked at the original PAMS. This group of professionals has great respect for what PAMS means, and first hand knowledge of how PAMS product was produced.

After extensive legal research it was determined that the valid copyrights for the PAMS jingles are still held by the original PAMS corporation. But during the years that the company was inactive, several other parties offered re-sings of classic PAMS jingles under the PAMS name. The various conflicting claims were resolved in a legal settlement which was reached in February, 1997. As a result, we are now the only authorized source for the production of new PAMS jingles, or the purchase of classic PAMS jingle CDs.

We Are The Real Deal

PAMS Productions, Inc., is a continuation of the original PAMS corporation. You can confirm this by checking with the Secretary of State's office in Austin. Or just click on the lone star of Texas to see what's in the public record. PAMS Productions, Inc., is the owner of all copyrights pertaining to the famous PAMS jingles from the '60s and '70s.


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