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For a period which spanned three decades, PAMS of Dallas created the most memorable radio station ID jingles in the world. It was an era in which jingles were often the centerpiece of a station's identity, and the sound of PAMS was certainly an integral part of legendary stations everywhere.

As PAMS created each new collection of jingles, the series would be numbered sequentially, and often given a name. A demonstration tape would then be prepared and sent to prospective clients to show them what the jingles sounded like. Often the demos would include a narrated sales pitch to explain the concepts involved.

"The Magic of PAMS" is a comprehensive 10-CD box set collection of demo presentations from all the PAMS numbered series. It begins with Series 1 from 1956, and concludes with Series 49 from 1977. All of the lettered variations of each package are included. There are also several bonus items of interest.

Great care has been taken to ensure the best audio quality possible, and the highest level of historical accuracy. This first-of-its-kind CD collection has been compiled using the original master tapes of each demo (some of which you can see on the right), with digital restoration and noise reduction processing for perfect audio quality.

This historic compilation is a combination of pop culture, art, nostalgia and magic. It's a must-have for broadcast historians, jingle collectors and PAMS fans of all ages!

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