The Magic of PAMS
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"The Magic of PAMS" is an individually numbered boxed set consisting of:

  • Almost 12 hours of audio on 10 CDs
  • An informative 36 page color booklet

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Which stations are included in "The Magic of PAMS" collection?

We encourage you to see exactly what is contained on each of the ten CDs by viewing the detailed contents information page.

How did you choose which stations' jingles to feature? Why are there many jingles for some stations, and few or no jingles from other equally famous stations?

It is important to understand that this is a historical collection of jingle demo tapes AS THEY WERE PRODUCED AND RELEASED BY PAMS in the '50s, '60s and '70s. We didn't select the stations to be included when we compiled these CDs; those decisions were made between 1956 and 1977. The stations on the CDs are the ones who pilotted the packages, and who appeared on the demos presentations at the time. We didn't set out to re-write history, we just wanted to compile it and make it sound good.

Does this CD collection contain the original PAMS jingle demos?

Yes. These are the original demo presentations of PAMS jingle series 1 through 49, including the lettered variations and several bonus items. There are a total of 95 tracks on 10 CDs. The audio has been digitally restored for maximum quality, but the content has not been changed. (See detailed contents information)

Are there spaces between the individual jingles, or are they all run together as a montage?

Most of the jingle demos on "The Magic of PAMS" collection do have space between the cuts, so you would be able to isolate individual jingles. There are a few package presentations from the 70s in which the jingles are run closer together, but most can still be isolated. Please understand that as a historical compilation, these CDs contain the demos of the PAMS numbered jingle series AS THEY WERE PRODUCED AND RELEASED BY PAMS in the 50s, 60s and 70s. We have cleaned up the audio quality, but did not change anything about the timing, spacing or content of the jingles.

How can I easily locate specific jingles on the CD? Is each one given its own CD track?

Each demo (ie. each package) is a separate track on the CD. However, there is an INDEX MARK before each individual jingle. Unfortunately it is becoming harder to find consumer CD players that still support index marks, but if you have one you could, for example, go directly to Track 5 Index 13 and immediately hear the 13th cut in that package. The reason we didn't start a separate TRACK for every jingle is that you can only have 99 tracks on a CD, so we would have run out of tracks LONG before the CD was full of audio. That would have made this a 30 or 40 disc set instead of a 10 disc set, and the price would have been higher accordingly.

Can I buy individual disks instead of the entire set?

Sorry, no. "The Magic of PAMS" was designed and packaged as a collection. The information about all 10 discs is contained in one booklet. The CDs are not packaged for individual sale. This is a historical set, and we feel that it should not be broken up.

Do the CDs contain material which can be used on the air?

No. This is a collection of jingles produced for many radio stations between the years 1956 and 1977. It is being made available to fans and collectors for their private listening enjoyment only. The material may not be used for broadcast, public performance or distribution without our prior written consent.

How is "The Magic of PAMS" shipped?

Our standard shipping method is Priority Mail. For shipments within the U.S., this usually takes 2 or 3 days. International mail shipments may take 1 or 2 weeks. If you wish, we can ship via Federal Express instead. This results in next business day delivery within the U.S., and 2 or 3 day delivery to most other locations in the world. There is an additional charge if you select the FedEx option. All available shipping options, and their cost, will be displayed when you order online from The JAM Store.

Are re-sings of these classic PAMS jingles still available for individuals and radio stations?

Yes! Many PAMS jingles can be customized with your lyrics. Individuals wanting to order PAMS jingles for their own non-commercial use should read the details of our Personal Cuts program. Broadcast stations and other commercial users should contact JAM Creative Productions. Your cuts will be sung in Dallas using authentic arrangements and the original PAMS music tracks.

If you have additional questions regarding "The Magic of PAMS" CD collection, please contact us.

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