The Magic of PAMS Comments

Thanks for your interest in PAMS jingles! Here are some of the many comments we've received from fans around the world who have purchased "The Magic of PAMS" CD collection.

I grew up on Long Island, and starting in 1964 listened to WABC with a transistor radio. I didn't know what company those catchy jingles came from as a kid but I know now. Obviously I purchased the 10 CD colection, and I listen to it everyday. Thanks PAMS you have added so much pleasure to my life, and now you continue to do so.
Keith Fine
Hawthorne, NJ USA
This is great - my wife bought me the set (I now own #359) for my birthday!
Great stuff...

William Kucharski
Louisville, CO USA
Thanks for taking the time to help preserve a favorite time in my life. Having been fortunate enough to work in radio during the “Golden Age”, 60s & 70s, my memories of the experience will live with me forever. Pams of Dallas will always be the catalyst for these memories.
David Cox
Richmond, KY USA
Still love playing the CD's even though I have had it now for almost 18 months. Buying the set encouraged me to start collecting again and I have discovered some great PAMS packages which I was not aware of. Keep up the great work.
Michael Zinkin
Northolt, Middx England
Hi- as a dedicated fan of Pams jingles for over twenty years, I was pleased to be able to purchase the 10 CD box set and am very pleased with the quality. Many thanks again and keep up the good work.
Bruce Howard
Bristol, UK
Thanks much for the collection. I remember growing up in Hazen, N.D. listening to KOMA in Okalahoma City at night with Fun Vibrations...& of course...from the Rock Of Chicago (Gary Gears) WLS... & my first radio job (full time) KFYR Bismarck, N. Dak... Oh what a lot of memories... Thanks agian.
Brian B. Buchfink (Bennett)
Belgrade, MT USA
Thanks for putting together this great collection. It will bring back many more memories.
Glen Ivey
Houston, TX US
Thanks a LOT... I can't get the melodies from Series 27 out of my head :) Thank god these are on CD and not vinyl (they would be worn out by now). Very clean recordings!
Greg Argendeli
San Diego, CA USA
I can't thank you enough for your diligent efforts in reconstructing all the numbered PAMS packages. Your attention to detail is most impressive. I know it was a labor of love, and I have never heard these jingles more cleanly than as they appear on these CDs. The bonus tracks are appreciated, too.
Ken Williamson
Burbank, CA USA
I got my copy for Christmas from the girlfriend and haven't been able to take it off the CD player yet and doubt I will for a long time yet ! You have done a wonderful job on this set. I'm sure it must be every jingle collectors dream to obtain packages that they were brought up on.
Neal Bowden
London, U.K.
I can only say that THE MAGIC OF PAMS is excellent in every way. I'm proud to own Collector's Edition #158. Thank you for *caring* about the radio that mattered. Not everyone does. Your efforts in preserving the great history of PAMS are much appreciated.
Uncle Ricky
The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
Richard Irwin
Sacramento, CA USA
I received my copy of the PAMS set and I tell you what, nothing could prepare me for the sheer magic you have accomplished in compiling these CD's - these are absolutely fantastic! It took me a week to listen to it from start to finish but gees it was a week well spent, and also I'm damn proud of spending close to 400 Australian Dollars on something as well put together, researched and compiled as this. What can I say, listening to these discs is a dream come true. As they say out here..."it's a bloody bonza!"
Frank and Vania Iuston
Sydney, NSW Australia
Even if the rest of the Known Universe is unaware, there are those of us who fully appreciate the agony, ecstacy, and untold hours spent creating this work of art. And that's what it is, reflecting more history, nostalgia, and life than any painting could. Congratulations, you've done well, and you've also done a great service for posterity.
Ken Justiss
Dallas, TX USA
A big "Thank You" to you and all associated with the final outcome of the "MAGIC OF PAMS". It's beyond my greatest expectations. My copy arrived in the morning mail. I immediately "ESCAPED" to the CD player and spent the next 10+ hours remembering the better times. The history book is superb in explaining the facets of each series. Again a sincere "THANK YOU" for bringing a part of radio history into the new millenium.
David R. Vaughn
Columbus, OH U.S.A.
Although I lived in The Netherlands (Europe) in the sixties and early seventies, I did listen to PAMS jingles, either complete or partly used in the jingles of the offshore radio stations at that time. It's great to hear the original jingles sets with such an excellent quality! I'm very happy to be the proud owner of "The Magic of PAMS".
Ben Meijering
Bunschoten, The Netherlands
This is a Christmas present I've been waiting 30+ years for!
Ron Harris
West Hollywood, CA USA
My wife hates you because I've been playing these CD's non stop for the last couple of days. Thanks for a brilliant collection, you've made one UK collector very happy.
Pat Murphy
London, England
If you have ever been a fan of "those little songs between the records" this is a must-have. In fact, these discs now get more airplay in my car than the local radio stations!
There is no way to say thanks enough to Jon Wolfert, Tracy Carman, Ken R. Deutch and everyone else who made this possible. Except maybe to buy a second copy. Count me proud to be the owner of set #76!

Kirk Varner
Avon, CT USA
The sound quality is superb, the packaging and booklet copy are first-class. All my expectations have been exceeded by the finished product. To have a complete collection of PAMS demos in such excellent condition is a dream come true for me, as I'm sure it is for many others, and listening to them without that thick patina of tape hiss from umpteen generations of collector's dubs is like hearing them for the first time. But this collection especially deserves the highest praise because it saves a priceless body of work that is of inestimable significance. Thank you so much for undertaking and completing such a valuable project.
Louisville, OH
How superb to have a definitive collection all in one place after many years of collecting.
Norman Barrington
Aberdeen, Scotland
It arrived!! It's even better than I could have hoped. You've got several very happy anoraks here in the UK toasting your health.
Alan Ross
Stockton, UK
WOW! "Magic" just arrived in my mailbox. As they say, "well worth the wait!" This is and will go down in history as "the definite" record of the PAMS magic. Add me to your list of somehow who appreciates all your attention to detail--quality, authenticity, thoroughness. Fantastic job on the mastering. Listening to this history is addictive.
B Wilken
St. Paul, MN
This is IT! I've just received the collection and it's "ear candy"! Anyone who is a jingle, radio or media fan must have this! I just received it today and I haven't been able to stop listening. Great stuff. What a job putting it all together. Also the insert pamplet that comes with it has all kinds of detail and history. Congrats to Jon Wolfert!!
Allan Sniffen
Yorktown Heights, NY USA
Words can not express my gratitude to you (and all that contributed) in salvaging an almost "lost jewel" in broadcast history! PAMS was sure the highlight to many in the growth of the radio industry as we knew it.
Arnie Zlotnik
Pittsburgh, PA USA
I've just spent four hours reliving my life and thoroughly enjoying my first audition of the Magic of PAMS package. As a former broadcaster I appreciate these PAMS demos on so many different levels, not the least of which is your excellent work in the technical aspects of the restoration and compilation. Congratulations!
Kenny Lee
Brewster, NY USA
Yesterday I received my Magic package (Number 0024) - I NEVER got this low a number in either the draft or the White Album - and it is FANTASTIC!!!!!! The sound and production values are excellent. Thank you on behalf of all us mediamavens, jingle junkies, and lovers of the Boomer Golden Age of Radio.
Michael Buckley
Orland Park, IL USA
Having known how much time and effort you put into this PAMS collection and how careful you were to make it authentic, I can only admire the astonishing dedication. No one IN THE WORLD could have spent so much time and energy getting it right. The CD Covers look great. PAMS will shine brighter than ever for all of us thanks to you. Well done.
Steve England
Prestbury, UK
It's a monumental achievement which will stand for all time as "the" definitive PAMS collection. Congratulations and rock on!
Ken R.
Toledo, OH USA
Congrats on finally finishing the Jingle Demo CD Set of the Millennium! Now all I have to do is explain to my parents how an 18-year-old spent 230 bucks of their Hanukah money on ...historical jingle demos.... Don't worry, I'll figure something out. :)
Steven Portnoy
Syracuse, NY USA
I think I speak for every jingle and commercial music fan in the world: Congratulations! And thank you!
Hugh Christopher Henry
Brooklyn, NY USA
I'd like to thank you (and your team) for doing the impossible! Keep up the good work. All the best from Germany!
Thomas Wollert

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