Order PAMS Jingles

You can order re-sings of classic PAMS jingles. There are thousands of memorable cut to choose from. Your jingles will be sung in Dallas at JAM Creative Productions using authentic arrangements and the original PAMS music tracks.

Radio stations and other broadcasters should contact your JAM sales representative.

Individuals wanting PAMS jingles for non-broadcast and internet use should read the details of our Personal Cuts program.

The PAMS Demo Collection on CD

"The Magic of PAMS" is a 10-CD box set containing all of the demos for PAMS series 1 through 49, including all the lettered variations and several bonus items. This historic collection has been compiled using the original master tapes of each demo, with digital restoration and noise reduction processing for perfect audio quality.

For complete details and ordering information, please visit "The Magic of PAMS" page.

Mailing List

Additional CDs and services will be added in the future. To be notified when they become available, we invite you to subscribe to our PAMS Collectors e-mail list.