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Over the next several pages you will find a collection of photos which will give you a behind the scenes look at the people and the equipment responsible for so many of the great PAMS jingle packages. We are always looking for more, so if you have any photos or other non-audio memorabilia to share, please contact us.

PAMS' legendary address was 4141 Office Parkway. The company moved into its custom-built headquarters in 1961 and remained there until 1978. The building housed sales and production offices, as well as two recording studios.

At this time Office Parkway was a quiet street, only one block long, lined with one and two story office buildings. The location was about 3 miles north of downtown Dallas. A small engraved plaque near the front door of 4141 was the only sign which identified the building. (Note that there is a slight discrepency in the way the PAMS logo was depicted!).

This composite photo approximates the setup in PAMS Studio A during a 7-voice vocal session in 1973. On this day the singers were (left to right) Mary Jo Grogan, lead singer Jackie Dickson, Carol Piper, Marv Shaw, Frank Bloebaum, Billy Ainsworth, and bass singer Jim Clancy. Note the famous PAMS "chimes" in the corner, which are more accurately described as tubular bells. (They were not, however, the source of the famous WABC chime. That was a sound effect which was added to the end of a Series 30 cut by the station.)

These vocal session photos from September 1970 show the singers in a much closer configuration. The guys are (l-r) Frank Bloebaum, Billy Ainsworth, Dick Cole, and Jim Clancy. The girls (as pictured at right) are Mary Jo Grogan, Jackie Dickson, and Libba Weeks.

The powerful high male voice that gave packages like Series 31 and 37 their distinctive sound belonged to the late Marvin Shaw. In addition to singing and producing in the vocal group, Marv was a trumpet player who wrote and arranged many PAMS jingles.

Photos on this page by Jon Wolfert and Peter Mokover. Rights to all photos are reserved by their respective owners.
Photos page 2


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